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Decor Moulds Tips and Directions

IOD Decor Moulds™ are a result of collaboration between designer and sculptor. We draw inspiration from historic architecture and design and let the influence of modern use render pieces that will be a go-to for creatives in many forms . From furniture designers, to home decor, to sugar arts- there's a reason why IOD Decor Moulds™ are favored across industries.

Now even larger, and made from high quality, food grade silicone, your moulds will bring you joy in your creations for years to come.

Food grade silicone ( Hello baker mamas, sugar mavens, cookie crazies and those that wanna be all of the above. Ah hem…. me. These are for you, because now everyone gets to look like a pro!) Great for mixed media Jewelry makers

The most beautifully detailed moulds on the market!

Use with a bazillions of mediums ( don’t hold me to that, I didn’t actually count, but heck just to start you off: paper clay, cast resin, clay, sugar paste, hot glue, fondant…. ) BE SURE TO USE SEPERATE MOULDS FOR YOUR EDIBLES AND CRAFTS!




The IOD Décor Moulds are made from food safe materials (do not use the same set for food and crafts), and can be used to transform and create baked goods, furniture, soaps, jewelry, and just about anything you can think up in that creative brain of yours.


IOD Décor Moulds can be used with many different mediums. We will cover the two most common here. Every medium has its own characteristics, challenges, and virtues.

Air dry clay, or paper clay: IOD paper clay is an air dry medium, and one of our favorites. Like most paper pulp based air dry clays, some shrinking, warping, and cracking is inherent. We like these qualities for a distressed, authentically vintage look. Our favorite way to apply moulded pieces is to remove them from the mould while still moist, and adhere to the surface with the appropriate glue so it conforms well. For vertical surfaces, use a piece of low tack tape to hold it in place so it doesn’t slide.

Casting resins: There are some great pourable resins available. These have completely different qualities than the paper clay. There is no shrinking or warping, and the castings are more consistent. Depending on the project, these qualities can be helpful. If you need to conform them to a curved surface, this can be done if removed from the mould before it’s completely hardened.

On releases: We find that most of the time a release is not necessary and the casting will come out without the use of a release, however, if you are having trouble with the material sticking (more common with clays than resins), a light dusting of simple cornstarch or arrowroot is a great choice.

Our Tips

When gluing air dry clays (IOD or not), we find it best to glue while still wet and if you can, paint before completely dries as well.

When gluing, use a thick, quick-dry glue.  We like Tite Bond Quick and Thick (for wood/trim).  We also use Aileen's Fast Grab Tacky Glue

When gluing, slightly pinch inward in all directions as the clay gets stretched while removing from mould and while working with it. Pinching inward helps to un-do some of that stress on the clay product.  Be careful to do so without distorting the beautiful details of the moulded piece/s.

Inevitably, you will get seams that shrink or cracks that still happen.  Don't worry.  When you re-visit the piece a day later, you may see where some of this has happened.  Just use a small tubular amount to fill any seams/cracks with glue and a small tool to blend details (like a toothpick).  If your moulds separate from the surface, and you do not like that, use a quick-dry paintable latex caulk to fill.  After all repairs, repair paint then seal a couple times.

Be sure to use appropriate glue for your mould product and surface.  If using on metal or resins or glass, use a glue appropriate for those surfaces - like a Silicone glue.  



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