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Chateau Chic Chalk Furniture Paint is a super high quality DIY chalk style paint for painting furniture, crafts and so much more. Its coverage is superb and you can sand it smooth for a spray-like finish and easy distressing. If you prefer, use a damp rag but we prefer to use a fine grit sanding sponge (we also sell). If you would coat a piece 4 times with Latex paint, plan on 2 (3 in spots) with this superior paint. I have painted a small 6 drawer bureau with one jar - in a shabby/distress look so not complete coverage. If you prefer to have a textured old paint look, just apply the paint and seal as is with no sanding.

As with all Chalk style paints, 3C paint requires sealing with a topcoat or wax. 3C Paint All Natural Wax is luxurious and once cured, offers excellent protection. You can also use a water-base varnish/top coat (our preferred finish). For this, try our Cottage Paints Acrylic Wax or Varnishes.

Only 1 each are left in stock. Please plan accordingly.

All 3C Paints are 30% off!

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