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Chateau Chic Chalk Furniture Paint

Waxes and Brushes

Chateau Chic Chalk Furniture Paint is a superior water base chalk-style paint line.  We have been using it for all our furniture and accessory projects for years.  The color selection was vast, adhesion is fantastic and we just love how it works over-all.   We do suggest you do some simple prep like tack-sand and clean your furniture prior to applying, but we would suggest that with ANY paint line.   Also, as with any paint line, if you are working with Mahogany, bare wood, etc, (anything where wood tannins would bleed through) you should seal your wood pieces with a couple-few coats of a stain-blocking primer or dewaxed shellac.  The coverage is perhaps one of the best we've worked with.  If you prefer, you can lightly thin with distilled water (or work with a damp brush).  Allow each coat to dry completely before applying another coat. You can achieve a beautiful, smooth finish by lightly sanding with a damp sanding sponge.  Top coat with their all natural wax or brushing on any water-base top coat.

Their all natural waxes (contain tree nuts, so if allergic, wear gloves) and apply like a dream.  People like how it dries quicker and more durable than it's competitors'.  We currently have 3C waxes in clear/natural, dark/antiquing, Silver and White/Liming.



cottage Paints

Speciality Finishes


Another, high-quality line of products Seaporium carries.  We carry their water-based top coats including an Acrylic wax - a very thick consistency water-base poly.  Cottage Paints also offers Acrylic wax in metallics and antiquing colors.  You apply the Acrylic waxes much like a natural wax where you wipe/brush it in thin layers.  It has the benefits of natural waxes where you can apply and it dries quickly and is VOC safe but being water-based and not a wax, you can paint over it without removing first.  We also have Image Transfer Medium, Texture Paste (Amazing for 3-D Stenciling and to fill scratches) clear primer and some incredible brushes as well!  Cottage Paint brushes are high quality, synthetic bristle paint brushes.

If you watch some of our videos on FaceBook or on Youtube, you will hear Linda talk about our Furniture Clean and Prep!  Cottage Paints makes this amazing product and we carry it in 16 oz and 32 oz sizes!  You spray it, let it sit, wipe it and you're ready to go!  - Some pieces may require a repeat of this process - It not only cleans the years of dirt, oils and grime but also (we believe) de-glosses a bit too.  Very slick/sealed surfaces should still be tack sanded at least though.  We use it along with a Mr. Clean sponge to remove liquid chalk with little ghosting as well.



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