Again - So Much Is New!

Iron Orchid Designs New Release Products & We Are Now a Dixie Belle Retailer!

We are thrilled! So many exciting things happening. So, we have been knee deep in trying to decide which paint to use and sell in our store (& online). After trying @ 15 brands, we are excited to say we are a new, authentic Dixie Belle Paint retailer!

What do we love about Dixie Belle? Well, we love how it is so versatile. We find the Clay paints take a bit of a learning curve to use and they are most fitting for the distress or color blended look. Others, they do not necessarily do well with distressing or even color blending. Dixie Belle works well for all looks! They have 64 different colors and so many other great prep and finishing products. Let's not forget all their great tools as well. We are looking forward to our initial order arriving Thursday (10/8/20). Boy! Are we ever gonna have fun in the sandbox!

Now, with a house brand of paint in stock, we can now begin to look into providing classes again - at least online/virtual.

Let's not forget Iron Orchid Designs. They have not rested a bit. They continue to be innovative and engaging. They have released new products. First to roll-out were these moulds... Boughs of Holly, Snowflakes and Seashells. The details are simply amazing! From the smallest dimples on the starfish to the many pine needles of a branch, you will not be disappointed.

Iron Orchid Designs Snowflake Mould

Iron Orchid Designs Seashells Mould

Close-up of Seashells Mould by Iron Orchid Designs

Iron Orchid Designs Boughs of Holly Mould

Then, there was the release of the new stamps. Again, we got Holiday themed goodies with Evergreen and Holly Jolly but we also got Seashore - a 2 sheet set of shells, starfish, seahorses, etc. But the IOD sisters did not stop there. Oh no! They designed 4 new font stamps - Farmhand, Swoosh, Retro and Blocktype. Swoosh and Retro are 2 sheet sets.

Iron Orchid Designs Block Type

Iron Orchid Designs Seashore Stamp

Iron Orchid Designs Retro Stamp

Iron Orchid Designs Evergreen Stamp

Iron Orchid Designs Holly Jolly Holiday Stamp

Iron Orchid Designs Farm Hand Stamp

Finally, you may have heard the rumble of the beautiful new transfers. The all new format Iron Orchid Designs transfers are above and beyond anything currently available. The new designs, Painterly Florals and the LIMITED EDITION Woodland Christmas not only are in the new 12" x 16" 8 sheet pad format but are different for the fact they seriously appear to be hand painted. Painterly Florals has a plethora of Sunflowers, Roses and Lavender that you can create single projects or a large, design that is uniquely yours. Currently, we also are getting some older designs in the new pad format - some are 4 sheets and some are 8 sheets. The pad format provides you more images than the previous format in the tubes. You will LOVE these new transfers! No matter the size or shape of your project, your transfer will fit. Look at these beautiful Transfers!

We ask you show patience as Iron Orchid Designs did not anticipate the increased demand when they placed orders for these products to be produced at the beginning of COVID shutdowns. We were not able to obtain much of the Painterly Florals or Woodland Christmas. We will get more Painterly Florals transfers soon but the Woodland Christmas transfers are no longer available to us. If you are in need, please reach out to us or to IOD for an inquiry.

Painterly Florals - New IOD Transfer Pad

Sunflowers from the new IOD Painterly Florals Transfer

Lavender from the new IOD Painterly Florals Transfer

Roses from the new IOD Painterly Florals Transfer

Lavender, leaves and stems from the new IOD Painterly Florals Transfer

Here are some tried and true Iron Orchid Designs transfers in their new formats...

Iron Orchid Designs new format Wander Transfer Pad

Iron Orchid Designs new format Wallflower Transfer Pad

Iron Orchid Designs new format Lemon Drops transfer

We bid you farewell - for now! We have so much going on. We are excited and hope you are too! Perhaps, we can show new Holiday ideas in our next post.

'Til we reach out again - Linda and Joe




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